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Each month this year we will provide you with some ideas to drive qualified leads to your website. January and February will involve some steps which will help to set up the foundation of your web marketing.

January: Set up Google Analytics.

The reason this is the first web strategy for 2009 is that it will provide a benchmark to compare your results against this time next year. We recommend Google Analytics because it is free, comprehensive and easy to use.

If your website has been developed by us, you will already have access to some website statistics which will give you an indication of how your website is performing.

If you are not sure how to currently access your website statistics, contact us.

If you have been accessing them but are not sure how to make sense of the data that you receive, you may like to read our article on Understanding your website statistics.

However, if you are really serious about your website marketing, then you will be keen to get your hands on more comprehensive data.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool which will give you a better understanding of how your website is performing. You can then learn from this to enhance the number of visits to your site.

Use Google Analytics to:

• Keep track of the performance of your site in search engines so that rankings can be increased.
• Find out what keywords visitors type into search engines to find your site
• Find out at what point visitors tend to leave the check out/sign up process on your site – use this information to modify the site so that it is more user friendly.
• Find the pages/links that visitors click on the most… is your marketing campaign directing visitors to the correct pages?
• Find out how many new and returning visitors are visiting your site, what geographical area they are from and which search engine they used.

Use this information throughout the year to fine tune your website, and turn more visitors into customers. For more information about Google Analytics, go to

Things to do in January

1. Contact BizBoost to set up Google Analytics for your website. We charge a fee to set this up for you (it involves copying some code into each webpage), after which there are no ongoing fees for this service.

2. Take note of how your website is performing currently, so that you are able to monitor any changes which occur throughout the year as a result of your marketing efforts.

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