Build Trust with your About Us page

With a well designed website, a small business can look as good as any of the large companies, however the large companies have the advantage that we already know and trust their brand. As potential internet customers, we are often very wary of purchasing via the internet, unless we feel really confident about the company that we are purchasing from.

Your About Us page is there to answer the question… who are the people behind this website and can I trust them? Your challenge is to convince your potential customers that you are an ethical, reliable and trustworthy company. Your About Us page should be used to connect with your potential customers, to instill confidence and to start building a relationship.

So how do we do this?

1. Provide your full contact details including your physical address – if your visitors only see an email address (or just a form!), they may start to question how legitimate you are.

2. Use the page to allow customers to see the human side of your company. After all, providing a really personal service is the main advantage that you have over the large companies. Use the page to talk about yourself and your passion for your business and your customers.

3. Include photos of yourself and your team. Include profiles of your team members. Give your customers a chance to get a real feel for the people behind your website.

4. Highlight your experience. Tell your company’s story. If you have been around for a long time, make sure you emphasize your stability. This will go a long way to building trust. If you are a new company, highlight any past experience that you have had which relates to your current business.

5. Describe how you are different from your competitors and the benefits that you offer to customers. Share your company philosophy.

6. Make sure you include any awards or other recognitions that you have received. Highlight any affiliations that you have with trade or professional associations, which relate to your business and will help to establish credibility and trust.

7. Use testimonials from happy customers. These will carry more weight than any good things that you can say about yourself. Make sure you get permission from your customer first. Where possible include some sort of contact information for the person who provided the testimonial to show that they are real testimonials (eg. a link to their website… which in turn may benefit that customer by helping people to find their website).

8. If you intend to collect any sort of personal details from your visitors you need to have a privacy policy clearly displayed… and then stick fiercely to that policy!

Things to do

  • Review your About Us page .
  • Make sure your About Us page is easy for your website visitors to find from your Home page.


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